Make a Dynamic Slider in jQuery


This article explains how to create a Dynamic jQuery Slider. A jQuery slider is a main part of any website. I once encountered this type of problem. After a lot of searching in Google I could not find a proper solution. I know this task is not a difficult but have no knowledge of how to do it. I gave thanks to one person that helped me with this problem.


jQuery is a powerful and robust Scripting language. jQuery is run in the client machine and also the Slide is run on the Client Machine. But we can create a Dynamic Slider. ASP.NET programs have a lot of control, we can use this control in a slider. I did try many, like the DataList control but that control creates its own <tr> and <td>. This type of tag is not for a good Slider. In this article we are using the Repeater Control. If you want learn about that control then try this link.


Step 1

First we need one live Slider, so I downloaded One Slider from the Website. You can download it, it's free of cost. The Demo has many sliders and I chose a Basic Slider, you can try any of the others. I added all the download files like this type and also one blank .aspx page. As in the following you can see I added a Page Dynamic Slider.aspx.

Dynamic Slider

Step 2

I hope every item was added successfully to your Empty Project. We need a server page for the Server control so I added Dynamic Slider.aspx. Make a change to the page like this:

JQuery Code

Step 3

After changing the Design aspx page, we need a change to the aspx.cs page. This article makes no connection to create the Respective Database (SQL Server). Just add the DataTable.

Design aspx page

Step 4

When we run this project it looks like:

project looks like

Step 5

I hope everyone has run this project successfully. I know everyone says yes. Thanks for any reply and for the last thing check that the Repeater can add an extra <TR> and <TD>. Look at this example:


Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this article. If anyone wants to share information about this or elimiinate any confusion in their mind then please comment below.