Rearrange Existing Command/Ribbon Buttons in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


The requirement is to rearrange an existing command or ribbon button for an entity in CRM. Let's say we want to rearrange buttons on Activities, so for example currently some activities show buttons as in the following in the home grid view:

Figure 1: Ribbon Buttons

So let's say we want to rearrange them as in the following:


Figure 2: Rearranging Command

Solution: Use the following procedure to do it.

  • Download and import the latest Ribbonworkbench soltuon and import it into your organization, we are doing it on Microsoft CRM 2015.
  • Create a Solution (Settings -> Solution -> New) and fill in the required details and save it.
  • Click on Entities -> Add Existing Entity and select an activity entity as in the following:

    Figure 3: Add Existing Entity
  • Save and Close your solution.
  • Open the Ribbonworkbench solution and select your Solution name that is created in the previous step
  • Select the Ribbon tab (next to the Command Bar) and right-click on the Task button and select the Customize Group option
  • Simply drag a button to some empty area and then drag back to a new place as in the following:

    Figure 4: Publish
  • Click on Publish and refresh your CRM browser window, you should be able to see your changes.