Notebook in SharePoint 2013 And Office 365

Yes you can have your personal notebook in the site. On team sites on the left navigation you have a link to Notebook.

Notebook is a personal data input for the users and is stored in the site.

                                                     site contents

Click on the left navigation on Notebook and you will see the screen below.

Let's see what its features we can use in it are:

  1. Here we have an option to write on it as a notepad.
  2. We can divide them into sections.
  3. We can have multiple pages in a section.

one note Online

To classify your text files, you can use sections where you can arrange all the files into sections.

this is my notebook

Then we have the notebook divided into two parts on the left.

First Section

The first section classifies your text files. You can use sections where you can arange all the files. The second page is for adding as many pages as you want to your notebook.

find page

Tabs on Notebook

Then we have tabs on our notebook as in the following:

tabs on NoteBook

  • File

    In file we can see information about One Note where you can connect your notebook through a one note option too.

    Then you have the print option where you can print your pages and your notebook.

    print page

    Then we have the share option to share that notebook or that page with other users.
    Lastly we have a help option where Help Data is provided by Microsoft One Note.


  • Home Tab

    Then we have the home tab where we have general options like in Microsoft Word as Undo, Clipboard, Basic Text, Styles, Tags and Spelling.

    home tab

  • Insert Tab

    Here you can insert a notebook as in the following:

    • New Page: Here you can insert a new page.
    • New Section: You can insert a new section to the your notebook.

    Tables: Here you can insert a table with rows and columns defined.
    Pictures: Here you can insert a picture or a clip art.
    Links: You can insert links to the notebook.


  • View Tab: Here you have the following.

    Notebook Views: Here you have an editing view and a reading view of our pages and notebooks.
    Authors: Here you have an option to display the authors.
    Versions: Here you can see page versions whenever the page is added and edited.


  • Lastly we have an option to share your notebook with people, group and other users where they will receive an email with the permissions assigned along with the link to your notebook.

    Share team site test notebook
Here is your e-notebook or notepad easily accessible and can be used anywhere and anytime.

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