Site Settings in SharePoint 2013: Part 6

Part 5

Welcome to the sixth part of site settings in SharePoint 2013. Here in this article we will be covering the Site Actions of the site.

Site Actions looks small with three features but it is an important part of SharePoint since it holds our features with which our entire site works.

So let's see how it works.

Manage Site features

The first link is Manage Site features, since we can see all the site features in the following screen shots.

It contains default features, custom features (created by developers) and a new added advantage the apps we download also come up as a feature but it is a kind of a trouble since it does not provide them suitable names so all features will have the name as AppFeature.

Reset to Site Definitions

Next we have Reset to Site Definitions, here if you have any custom page and you want to revert it back to a default page without all custom changes and custom web parts. You need to put the URL of that specific page and reset its specific default layout or if you want all the pages to be Reset you can choose the other option.

Delete this Site

As the name states Delete this Site, clicking on it deletes it.

See you again in the last part of Site Settings coming soon.

Keep Learning.