Site Settings in SharePoint 2013

On the demand of my colleagues here is an article stating the new configuration settings in SharePoint 2013. I will mainly cover all those feature settings present new in the configuration settings. I will write an article for all of them independently later.

So without wasting much time let's start. In the following you can see the Site Settings page of SharePoint 2013 stating all the feature configurations under their respective categories.
Site Settings
Site Settings 1
Let us start with one by one under Users and Permissions we can see a new feature named as App permissions as shown below. It mainly contains the App Names and their interface identifier regarding their permission level.
Site App permissions

Site App permissions

Then we have Web Designer Galleries that have a new feature, Composed Looks. As we can see, we have a link for the colors in Master Pages, Themes and Images that also includes the Font Schemes along with the Display Order. So it's kind of a Database providing info about the colors in the Site.
Site App permissions 11

Then getting to the Site Administration, we can see the Site Closure and Deletion new feature. We have a button to Site Closure and then you can use a rule to do you want to delete this site ever and you can add in a Site Policy also here.
Site Administration
Then we have Popularity Trends that will generate a Usage report of the site. Providing an Excel showing all the Site hits.
Site Administration 1

Then we have Connect to a Catalog where you can connect the Catalog with the site.

Site Administration 2

Then we have a Translation Status, that records the job of exporting the jobs or users.
Translation Status
Translation Status 1 
  • Then we can have a look at Design Manager. It is a new functionality that contains a Welcome Page where you can Import a Design Package. Secondly we have Manage Device Channels where we can manage the channels, then we can Upload Design Files, Edit Master Pages, Edit Display Templates, Edit Page Layouts and lastly Publish and Apply Design and Create a Design Package.

Translation Status 2

Then we have Device Channels that contains the channels for the look and feel of user's agents.

Translation Status 3

 We also can change the look function where you can choose one among all templates and edit the background images and colors giving a rich feel to the site.
Translation Status 4 

We can Import Design Package from an external source that can be used to change the look and feel of the site using the uploaded package.
Translation Status 5
We have Image Renditions that contains a template for pictures and videos whose width and height can be edited.
Translation Status 6 
Now getting to the last part, Site Collection Administration, we have an option Site Collection Upgrade that will upgrade new features of SharePoint 2013 released by Microsoft. It is like an update center.
Translation Status 7 
Then we have Import Search Configuration where you need not configure your settings every time to other site collections if you want to use the same one just export and import it back using the following Import and Export Functionality.
Translation Status 8

Export Search Configuration
Export Search Configuration

Then we have Search Engine Optimization where you can have content URLs to be searched from either externally or internally as shown below.
Export Search Configuration 1

Then we have Site Collection App Permission that mainly contains the App Names and their interface identifier regarding their permission level.

Export Search Configuration 2
Then we have Portal Site Connections where you can connect to an external portal as shown below.

Export Search Configuration 3
We also have a feature of HTML Field Security that specifies whether a user can contribute by inserting a GTML reference in the site or not.
Export Search Configuration 4
Then we have the following SharePoint Designer Settings.

SharePoint Designer Settings
We have something new called Site Collection Health Checks that checks the load on the site and is configured to check if everything is working fine without a breakage.
SharePoint Designer Settings 1 
There we are discussing all new features added up in SharePoint 2013. Soon in other posts I will explain all the features including the previous ones in details.

Keep learning.