Site Templates Part 1: Team Site in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Welcome to the first site template, Team Site in SharePoint 2013/Office 365. This will be the parts of my article: Site Templates in SharePoint 2013 And Office 365 stating “Site Templates in SharePoint 2013/Office 365”. Here we will see what the components available are.

We will see what the Team Site template provides us.

  • Click on Create a new site, the following page opens up.

    • Title and Description:

    • Web Site Address: Here you can make it different from your default site name.

    • Template Selection: Here you have an option to select the language and to choose a site from a template having many options.

      Here in this article we will be seeing Team Site template so select it.

      title and description

    • Permissions: Here you can assign permissions to the site directly either by inheriting the permissions from the parent or assigning it unique permissions.

    • Navigation Inheritance: Using this option you can inherit the same navigation as your parent site.

      user permission

  • Click on OK, It will create the site.

    working on it

    Welcome to SharePoint 2013 Site using Team Site template.

    team site test
What do we see here?
  • Here on the site you have a left navigation with links to Home, Notebook, Documents and Site Contents.

  • The center part contains some options for you to start up like:

    • Share your site: You can assign permission to others to view your site.

    • Working on a deadline: To assign a Task using Calendar.

    • Add lists, libraries and other apps.

    • What's your style?: Here you can change the color or theme of the site.

    • Your site. Your brand: Here you can add a logo or a description to your site.

    • Keep email in contact: Here you can attach your outlook directly to the site and receive all emails in the site's inbox.

      get start with your site

  • Here down the web part we have a newsfeed that acts like a wall in Facebook or Twitter and users can write, share and like the feeds.

  • On the right side we have a default Document Library, where you can drag and drop the documents into it.

    default document liberary
  • This is the default site content what we get in a Team Site.

    • Documents
    • Power BI
    • Site Assets
    • Site Pages

    content of site

  • Lastly we can see the site settings, that you can see from the previous blogs on Site Settings in SharePoint 2013 at C# Corner.

    site setting
Here it is our Team Site in SharePoint 2013, soon we will see sites from other site templates as well. Keep learning,