How to Import a MySQl Database Table Into Excel?


Here we describe connectivity to Excel with a MySQL server database and import a table or data into Excel. So we have to use this technique; first we have to connect Excel to the MySQL database with the help of my ODBC connector 3.51 and import a table into an Excel sheet. In this table, we have to display data and edit data in the table. So, we have a table in our database and connect through the connector.

We have to follow these steps, which are given below:

Step1.  Install driver for MySQL Connector/ODBC.

Step 2. Go to start menu, click-> Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Data Sources(ODBC).

img 1.1.jpg

Step 3. In the Data Sources, display a window and click the Add Button. It contains all the connection information.


Step 4. After clicking on the add button, open the Create new data source window and select the data source, and click finish.

We have to use the MySQL database and find it to see the MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver and select it.


Step 5.  After finish this window, open the ODBC data source configuration.

img 5.gif

Step 6. After filling in the entries, test the connection.


Step 7. After successfully making the connection, see the ODBC data source administrator; find the MySQL DSN.

img 7.1.gif

Step 8. Choose the data source and click ok.

img 8.gif

Step 9. We have to see the available tables and columns from the database.

img 9.1.gif

Step 10 . Select a table and click next; all the columns will appear in this window.

img 10.1.gif

Step 11.  In the query wizard, see the following options and select one of them.


Step 12. After finishing the wizard, see the table in Excel. The table we were working with had seven fields.



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