Calendar App in Windows 10


Finally, the wait is over for Windows 10. Windows 10 is coming on the 29th of July 2015. As we know, it is the final version of Windows. After Windows 10, Microsoft will not introduce any version of Windows. Microsoft Introduced many new features in Windows 10. Project Spartan, the Start menu, Cortana and many new more. In Windows 10 Microsoft introduced Calendar as a new app. So in this article, I will tell you how you can use the Calendar app in Windows 10.
So I will tell you how to use the Calendar App.
Step 1
Go to your Cortana search bar and type the calendar into it. Now here you will see a Calendar link just as in the following picture.

Search Calendar

Step 2
When you click on this icon you get a new window, in this window you have the option to add your Microsoft account and a button ready to go. So add your account and click on the Ready to go button.

Go for Calendar

After clicking the Ready to go button you have a Calendar just as in the following picture.


Here you have the Calendar.
Step 3
Now you have many settings in this Calendar app depending on your needs. At the bottom of the Calendar on the left-hand side, you will see a Settings button. When you click on the Settings button then the Settings panel will open just like the following picture.


In the settings panel, you will see an option fo the Calendar settings. Click on this link. After clicking on this link you get a screen for the Calendar settings.

Calendar Settings

As in the following picture, from the first drop-down list you can select the day from which you want your calendar to start. In the second option, you can choose the days in a week in which you want to do work, for example, if you want to work from Monday to Friday then select Monday and Friday. The days between Monday and Friday will be selected automatically. In the third option, you can select the working hours. Here you can select the start time and end time for your working hours. The fourth option is to select the week numbers in which you want to work.
You can change the mode of the calendar depending on your needs. Here you can see a specific day, specific workweek, specific month and a specific week using the strip at the top of the calendar.

Calendar Strip

Step 4
In this step, I will tell you how to add an event to the calendar app. When your calendar is open on the right-hand side you will see an option named New event. Just as in the following picture.

New event

When you click on this icon, a new window is shown. In that window, you can create an event, delete an event, set a reminder for an event and many more things. This window looks as in the following picture.


In this window you can create the event depending on your requirements, you can also invite your friends for that specific event. You can set the time for the event as I have shown in the picture.
Step 5
Finally, when you save your event, then you will see that event in your calendar. You can update or delete that event. After adding the event your calendar look likes as in the following picture.

Calendar with Event

We can add more than one event on a single date. It is very useful for remembering any event.
So this is the overall information about the Calendar app introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. I think it is a good app for creating the events, alerting you to a specific event and creating your plans depending on your schedules. So I think it is a useful app. Enjoy Windows 10. Enjoy the Calendar App.


In this article, we learned about the Calendar App in Windows 10.