Install Google Drive on Windows 8


In this article we are explaining how to Add\Install Google Drive in a Windows 8 PC. Google Drive is a cloud storage, the same as Sky Drive. With the help of Google Drive, you can store files and sync files between a PC and various other devices. Google Drive provides 5 Gb of free space storage. If Google Drive is installed successfully then you can create a folder named Google Drive in your user directory. Google Drive is compatible with Windows 8. By default, you will see the Google Drive folder at C:\Users\ User Name\Google Drive.

How to Install Google Drive in Windows 8

Step 1

In this step, go to the Google Drive Official Website

Step 2

Click on the Sign-in option as shown below:


Step 3

Give your Email Id and Password to download a Google Drive as shown below:


Step 4

[Editor's note: you might need to first click the "Get started with 5 GB free" button.] In this step, click on the "Install Google Drive for PC" Button as shown below:


Step 5

[Editor's note: you might need to first click the "Download Google Drive" button in the new window that is opened.] In this step, click on "Accept or Install" Button as shown below:


Step 6

In this step, you will see the "Google Drive installer" message after installing the Google Drive and click on the Close Button.


Step 7

After clicking on the close Button, you will see the "Sign-in Google Drive" Window and in this window, you can enter your Email Id and Password and click on the "Sign-in" Button.


Step 8

Once download completes, you will see the welcome note of Google Drive and click on "Next" Button.


Step 9

In this step, if you want to choose a location for the Google Drive to be installed in your PC then click on the "Advanced setup" Button.


Step 10

In this step, you will see the location for the new Google Drive and if you want to change it, click on the "Change" Button and choose the location you want and choose what folder you would like to sync using the "Sync options" and you click on Misc check Box if you want to it start automatically.