Live Layout in PowerPoint 2013

In this article we are explaining Live Layout in PowerPoint 2013. Microsoft has launched Office 2013 with great features. A new features of PowerPoint 2013 reflows text frequently as we are drag image or any kind of shape into new position. We can move image or other object smoothly around where you want it relative to text.

Steps How to Use Live Layout in PowerPoint 2013

Step 1

Open Microsoft Office 2013 and click on PowerPoint 2013.


Step 2

In this step, you can select any Template given below. If you do not want to select any Template then click on blank document:


step 3

In this step, click the "Insert" Button.


Step 4

In this step, click on the Shapes arrow.


Step 5

Now choose a shape to insert and just drop the image into the document like this:


Step 6

Now if we want to set the shape somewhere else in the document we just have to move the image around in the document. When we release the mouse button the text will stay in the position in which we want it to stay.


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