Configure Gmail Settings in SharePoint 2013

Open server manager

Figure 1: Server Manager

From the Features tab, click Add Features.

Figure 2: Add Feature

From this list select SMTP Server.

Figure 3: Select SMTP Server

Click Next and then Install to complete.

Figure 4: Click Install to Complete

Figure 5: Install Progress

Installation Succeeded

Figure 6:Installation Successfull

Click Close.

Open Windows services

Check that the SMTP service has been started.

Figure 7: Open Windows services

Now open IIS 6.0 Manager.

Figure 8: Now open IIS 6.0 Manager

Right-click on the SMTP Server and click Properties.

Figure 9: Click Properties

In the General tab under IP address select your local IP address.

Figure 10: Select your local IPAddress

On the Access tab, go to Connection.

Select All.

Figure 11: Connection

Do the same for Relay.

Figure 12: Do the same for Relay

Click the Delivery Tab.

Figure 13: Delivery Tab

Click OutBound Security.

Click Basic Authentication.

Enter your email address and password.

Figure 14: Address and Password

Enable TLS encryption and click OK.

Figure 15: Enable TLS encryption

Open Outbound Security

Change TCP Port from 25 to 587.

Figure 16: Change TCP Port from

Click the Advanced Tab, go to Smart host and write

Figure 17:

Click Apply and then OK.

Open SharePoint Central Administration.

Figure 18: Open SharePoint Central Administration

Click System Settings.

Open Configure outgoing email settings.

Figure 19: Configure outgoing email settings

Enter Outgoing E-mail Settings and click OK.

Figure 20: Happy SharePoint