jQuery - "Write Less Do More": Day 2

As per jQuery - "Write Less Do More": Day 1 study, we will agree that the main reason for using jQuery is properly documented JavaScript library. Another factor is logical categorization of the API. Let's understand how the jQuery API is organized. It is so robust that it's easy to get hung up on implementation because of the number of solutions for a single problem. We have replicated here how the API is organized for you. Memorize these given API Outline.



These were some basic API Outlines, please memorize them or at least the one at the top level. Therefore, those were the basic things you should understand before starting with jQuery.

Now let us understand how to add the jQuery JavaScript Library to an HTML Web Page.

jQuery JavaScript in a Web Page is similar to adding other JavaScript files. Simply use the <script> tag and provide the element value. You can add external src=”” of the JavaScript file too.

Let us see the following example.

Another way is to download your own jQuery version from jQuery.com and host it on our own servers. I will describe that in my next article.
Thanks for your attention.