How to Insert an App in Office 2013


Apps for Office is a new feature in Office 2013. You can use this feature to insert an app into your document such as Dictionary, Bing image search etc. and you can use the app inside your document to enhance your work. Such as Bing image search is an Office app that you can use to search for an image inside your Office document and after finding an image you can add the image to your document. To use Office apps in Office 2013 must you have a Microsoft email id and your computer must be connected to the internet.

How to insert Office apps in Office 2013

Step 1

Open Microsoft Office 2013 and go to the "Insert" tab and click on "Apps for Office" in the "Apps" group.


Step 2

An new window will be shown; click "Office Store".


Step 3

The Office Store website will be opened in you browser. Click on the app that you want to add to your document and follow the instuctions.


Step 4

Now go to the "Apps for Office" window and click on "Refresh". The apps that were added will be displayed in the "Apps for Office" window. Select an app and click on "Insert".


Step 5

The apps will be displayed on the right side. Enter a value that you want to search for.


Step 6

Select the image you want to add to your document and click on "Insert into document".


Step 7

After adding the image it will be displayed as in the following:


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