How to Renew Developer License For Windows Store Apps


This article explains how to renew a developer license for Windows Store apps in Windows 8. A developer license for Windows 8 lets you install, develop, test, and evaluate Windows Store apps before the Windows Store tests and certifies them. Developer licenses are free, and you can get as many as you need if you already have a Microsoft account. By default, developer licenses that you acquire using a Microsoft account must be renewed every 30 days. If you do not renew your developer license after 30 days then you can't develop Windows Store apps.

How to renew developer license for Windows Store apps

Step 1

Open any Windows Store apps project and go to the "Project" menu. Select "Acquire Developer license" from the "Store" option.


Step 2

A window will be shown; click on "I Agree".


Step 3

In this step enter you Microsoft email id and password and click on "Sign In".


Step 4

Wait a few minutes; you will get this window. Now you can develop Windows Store apps.


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