How to Search Location in Windows 8 Maps Apps


The Metro Start Screen is the best feature of Windows 8 that contains a collection of Metro Apps and shortcuts for applications installed on the system. Metro Apps such as Mail, Messaging, Maps, News, etc. Of all of them, the Maps application on the Start Screen is the best application in Windows 8. This application can search for and get information about any location anywhere in the world and you can also find the distances and directions of two locations such as Google Maps.
In this article, we are explaining how to search for any location in the Windows 8 Maps App. When you open the Maps App then the default view is the United States. If you want to show your favorite location on the map then you have to search for the location.

How to search for a location in the Maps app in Windows 8?

Step 1
Go to the Start Screen and click on "Maps".
Step 2
The Maps App default view is the "United States".
Step 3
To search your location right-click and click on "Find" in the bottom-right.
Step 4
A window will be shown on the right side. Enter a location name and click on "Search".
Step 5
Your location will be shown in the maps.
Step 6
If you want to find the distance and/or directions between two locations then click on the "Directions" button side on right-click.
Step 7
A window will be shown. In this window type the start and end locations and click on search.
Step 8
The location directions will be shown.


In this article, we learned about How to Search Location in Windows 8 Maps Apps.  

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