Mozilla Firefox Metro Version For Windows 8


This article explains how to use the Metro version of Mozilla Firefox in Windows 8.  Mozilla Firefox has been launched in a Mozilla Firefox Nightly build that comes with a special Metro version designed for Microsoft Windows 8. This new Metro version works only from the Start Screen and launches a chromeless browser window similar to Metro IE. If you launch the Mozilla Firefox Nightly from the Desktop then it will not be opened in Metro mode, it will instead be opened in Desktop mode.
You can download  Mozilla Firefox Nightly from this link:
Step 1
First, download Mozilla Firefox Nightly and install it.
Step 2
After downloading, set Mozilla Firefox Nightly as the default browser.
Step 3
Now go to the Start Screen and launch Mozilla Firefox Nightly in Metro mode.
Step 4
Now you will see the Metro look of Mozilla Firefox Nightly.


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