How To Change Windows 8 Metro Tile Sizes


In this article, we explain how to change the Windows 8 Metro tile sizes. By default, the tiles of Windows 8 Start Screen are large and when we install a new tile in Windows 8, they can display as larger tiles too. So in this article, we show you how to create more room for apps on the Metro Start Screen by making them smaller.

How to change the Metro tile size?

Step 1
First, we have to move to the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen and then we select a larger tile and right-click and select "Smaller" from the menu bar at the bottom.
Step 2
To make a small tile large again, right-click on it and select "Larger" from the menu bar.
Step 3
Here's an example of several tiles that I made smaller. If we create and label tile groups, then making them smaller lets you get more in each category. This is especially useful on smaller low-resolution screens.
Keep in mind that not all tiles can be resized at the stage of Windows 8.


In this article, we learned about How To Change Windows 8 Metro Tile Sizes.