Make Windows 8 Display a Desktop Notification For Updates


In this article, we explain how to make Windows 8 display a Desktop notification when new updates are available. If new updates are available, then Windows 8 doesn't display a Desktop notification. The new update provides the solution and will pop up a notification for new updates. It also makes it easier to access Windows Updates from the Desktop.

Procedure for display a Desktop notification

Step 1
Even if we set Windows Update to "Check for Updates but Let Me Choose Whether to Download and Install Them" it won't pop up a notification.
Step 2
Download Windows (8) Update Notifier, unzip it and run WindowsUpdateNotifier.exe.
Step 3
The utility icon lives in the Notification Area on the Taskbar. It will check for updates and display a notification of what's available. By default, it searches for new updates every hour.
Step 4
Click it to open Windows Update directly and install the available updates. I like this feature because it's easier to access Windows Update from the Desktop.


In this article, we learned about Make Windows 8 Display a Desktop Notification For Updates. 

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