Start8 For Windows 8 Gets an Awesome Upgrade


In this article, we explain how to upgrade Start8 for Windows 8. Stardock's Start8 app program is very useful for Windows 8. We provide an update feature in Windows 8 and we automatically load the Desktop on login.

Procedure to upgrade Start8 for Windows 8

Step 1
After going through the initial install wizard, we'll get the option to boot directly into the Desktop bypassing the Metro UI.
Step 2
If there is some reason we want to make a change then right-click the Start8 Orb, and uncheck "On login go to the desktop".
Step 3
Remember it's not the traditional Start Menu from Windows 7. It shows the Metro UI when you click on it, which I actually find to be a nice feature.
Download Start8 from Stardock (Providing an email account is required).


In this article, we learned about Start8 For Windows 8 Gets an Awesome Upgrade. 

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