Use POP Email With Windows 8 Mail Using


In this article, we explain how to use a POP email with Windows 8 mail using A POP3 mail server isn't allowed in Windows 8 mail.  If we want to add a POP3 email account from our ISP, then we're out of luck. Here's a workaround for the problem using

Procedure for using for POP Email Accounts

Step 1
If we want to add a POP account in Windows 8, then login our account and click options and select "More mail settings".
Step 2
When the Options window opens click "Your Email Accounts" under "Managing Your Account".
Step 3
After that click the "Add a Send-and-Receive Account" button from the "Add an Email Account" window.
Step 4
Enter your address and password from your ISP then click "Advanced Options".
Step 5
Enter your POP server address and configure the correct Port number and whether to use SSL or not. We might need to contact our ISP to get these details.
Step 6
After the new account is added, create a new folder for it or just have the messages sent to our inbox.
Step 7
Now, all we need to do is to add the address to the Mail app.
Step 8
Then add an address to Windows 8 Mail.


In this article, we learned about Use POP Email With Windows 8 Mail Using