Use POP Email With Windows 8 Mail Using


In this article we explain how to use POP email with Windows 8 mail using A POP3 mail server isn't allowed in Windows 8 mail.  If we want to add a POP3 email account from our ISP, then we're out of luck. Here's a workaround for the problem using

Procedure for usiing for POP Email Accounts

Step 1

If we want to add a POP account in Windows 8, then login our account and click options and select "more mail settings".


Step 2

When the Option window opens click "Your Email Accounts" under "Managing Your Account".


Step 3

After that click the "Add a Send-and-Receive Account" button from the "Add an Email Account" window.


Step 4

Enter in your address and password from your ISP then click "Advanced Options".


Step 5

Enter in your POP server address and configure the correct Port number and whether to use SSL or not. We might need to contact our ISP to get these details.


Step 6

After the new account is added, create a new folder for it or just have the messages sent to our inbox.

Step 7

Now all we need to do is to add the address to the Mail app.


Step 8

Then add an address to Windows 8 Mail.