Windows 8 How To Burn an ISO Image to Disc


In this article, we explain how to burn an ISO image to disc in Windows 8. In Windows 8 we can burn an ISO image to disk without using third party software.

How to burn an ISO image to disc?

Step 1
First, pop a blank DVD into your drive. Then right-click on the ISO image, and we select Burn Disc Image from the context menu.
Step 2
Then we see "Windows Disc Image Burner" open. If we have multiple optical disc drives on our system, select the right one. Definitely check the option to verify the disc after burning. This will have the system test for errors. Click "Burn".
Step 3
Wait while the utility burns the ISO image to our disc.
Step 4
When the system finishes burning the disc, the verification test will begin.
Step 5
When everything is done, the drive will pop open with our completed disc. Think of a safe place for it. And click "Close".
Step 6
We can then use the Windows 8 disc on another computer or label it and store it away safely. It will come in handy.


In this article, we learned about Windows 8 How To Burn an ISO Image to Disc.