How to Restore Database Backup in SQL Server 2012


In this article I am going to explain how to restore a database backup in SQL Server 2012. In SQL Server 2012 we can take database backups using the Enterprise Manager. We use a backup database and restore the database when our database becomes corrupted or crashes.

Steps to restore database backup using Enterprise Manager in SQL Server 2012

Step 1: Start SQL Server 2012:


Step 2: Expand the database and select database => right-click on selected database => now click on Task => then click on Restore =>  then click on database:


Step 3:  The Restore dialog box appears to restore the database backup:


Step 4: Now verify the database or select a different database in database list box for the destination database:


Step 5: Now specify the source of the database and the date and time of the database; to choose the date of the database click on Timeline:



Step 6: A new dialog box appears. There are two options for choosing the backup database. One is for the last backup taken and the second is a specific data and time. Choose the one approriate for you then click on the "OK" Button:


Step 7: Now click on File. Here we can reallocate all files to folder:


Step 8: After that, click on Options; it provides many options like store options, tail log backup before restore, server connection and prompt:


Step 9: Now click on the ok button to restore the database:


Step 10: Now we receive a massage that the database is restored successfully: