Eyedropper a New Innovation From PowerPoint 2013

For creation of a good professional looking presentation, a color scheme should be used as well as an assurance that the various elements in the presentation are of the same color to bind them all together into a theme, providing consistency. So, PowerPoint 2013 has introduced a new and quite handy feature which is EyeDropper that does color matching to the various elements within a click. Through Eyedropper you can catch a variety colors, not only from a slide but from websites as well.

So, Eyedropper doesn't take much time to set the colors of elements, it's just a matter of a few clicks. Let's determine where you can find or have the Eyedropper feature in PowerPoint 2013.

In this article I am taking a shape in a Slide and filling the color of it with an element that is already in the slide (as shown in the picture below):


So, after selecting the Eyedropper the cursor will change to a new icon. Then move it to the element where the color is to be detected and apply it to the selected element.


Selecting the element to apply the color in another element to be filled

Now this identified will be applied to the element:


Color applied to the element

So, if you want to apply the color from the web or from some other tool or app or software then:

  1. Select the Eyedropper:

Selecting eyedropper to take the color from some web

  1. Hold down the left mouse button and drag it to IE or some other object of which you need to the color to be applied.

Dragging eyedropper to a web to apply it's color

Now the selected area's color will be applied to the element selected:


Selected color applied to the element from web

So, continue selecting whatever color you like and give your presentation a theme with a consistent color that gives a better professional look to the presentation.

This was also one of my demos that I showcased at C# Corner Delhi Chapter's Pizza Tea & Code event.

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