Lock Folder Using Cmd in Windows 8

Lock Folder using Cmd in Windows 8

Windows 8 also provides a feature for locking a particular folder stored on your computer. When you lock the folder then you are not able to open this folder until you unlock the folder using the cmd command.
To lock the folder using cmd use the following instructions.
Step 1
First of all, start your Windows 8 installed computer.
Step 2
Create a folder that you want to lock.
Step 3
Type Cmd in the Search box.
Step 4
Open the command prompt and go to the C Drive because you have created the folder within the C drive. And type the command then press Enter; see:
c:> cacls foldername(like a) /p everyone:n
Step 5
Now when you try to open the locked folder it is not possible.


In this article, we learned about Lock Folder Using Cmd in Windows 8. 

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