Merged Table Cells in Word 2013

Word allows merging two or more cells to create one large cell. Cells can be merged either row-wise or column-wise, but cells cannot be merged diagonally. This is frequently used to merge columns of the top row to create a title for the table. This article will teach you how to merge multiple rows or columns.

Merging cells

Do the following steps to merge table cells in a Word document.

Step 1

Create a simple table in Word 2013.


Step 2

Put your mouse pointer in the first cell that you want to merge. Now press the Shift key and click the other cells around the cell that you want to merge with the first cell. All of the cells you selected will be highlighted.


Step 3

Click on the Layout Tab and then choose the Merge Cells Button to merge all the selected cells together.


Note: Now you can specify a table header in the merged cells. An example is given below:


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