Set Up Line Spacing Between Paragraphs in Word 2013

This article describes how to set up line spacing between paragraphs in Word 2013.

Word 2013 by default provides some space between lines of text and between paragraphs. In other words free space between each text line and each paragraph. Word has the feature through which you customize the default line and paragraph spacing. Word provides 1.0 and 8P default spacing for line and paragraphs. You have two ways to change the default setting.

First way to change the default setting of paragraph spacing.

Step 1

It is applied on the entire Word document. To change the default setting of the line spacing between paragraphs click on the Design Tab.


Step 2

Now click on the Paragraph spacing and choose Custom paragraph spacing.


Step 3

The Manage style window opens where you can change the default line spacing between paragraphs.


Second way to change the default setting of paragraph spacing.

Step 1

Click on the Design tab and choose Paragraph spacing.


Step 2

Now a drop down list shows where you can select any given built in choice for changing paragraph spacing.