Import Excel Data into SharePoint 2013 List

One of my requirements was to import data from Excel into a SharePoint List and I didn't want to use C# for it.

So, I used this approach.


Here is the sample data I used (this is for a sample to show).

sample data

sample to show

Do as shown in the following screenshot.


Now as shown in the screenshot your Excel data is ready to import. Now go to your SharePoint site and open Site Contents and click on add an app link. Then search for Import.

site content


If you click on it you get this page.

Excel office

Select Excel spreadsheet

Select Excel spreadsheet and click on the Import button. It will open an Excel Spreadsheet in Excel Office as shown in the following screenshot.

Excel Sheet

Select a range for your Excel Sheet name and Table name.

For example. Sheet1! Table3.

select range

Now click on Import then move to your site. Your list is created with the Excel data. Here it is.

List is created

So that is how you can create a list from an Excel sheet or import data from an Excel list and create a list.