Check the Page History in SharePoint

In my previous article we learned how to check-out and check-in the pages, in this article I would like to share the procedure to check the history of a page in SharePoint.

Procedure to check the page history

You can use the following procedure to view the page history.

Step 1

Go to your SharePoint site and open the page that you want to view the history.

open page in share point

Step 2

Select the page tab on your SharePoint Page as shown below.

SharePoint Page

Step 3

On the top ribbon select the “Page History” from Manage Group.

Page History in share point

Step 4

When you select the page history from the ribbon, you will be navigated to the history of the page.

page history from ribbon in share point

Step 5

On left navigation you can view the versions of the page as shown below.

navigation of share point

And also you can restore the old version as you want.

old version in share point


In this article we explored how to view the SharePoint page history.