Delete a Custom List in SharePoint Online

Let's go through how to delete a list in SharePoint site.

What is SharePoint list?

  • List is a collection of information, we can share the information to our team members.
  • A SharePoint list is used to store the data.
  • We can customize the list easily, also we can set the permission to each list for different users.
  • We can show a list in web part pages as List View Web Parts
  • Each SharePoint lists will provide the following operations
      1. Add
      2. Edit
      3. Delete
How to delete a custom list?

You can use the following listed procedure to delete a list:

Step 1

Go to your custom list on your SharePoint site as in the following:

sharepont page

Step 2

On the List page select “list” from top ribbon bar for go to the list settings as shown below:

page list in sharepoint

Step 3

Select the “List settings” from the top ribbon bar to delete the list.

List settings in share point

Step 4

Then you will be navigated to the settings page as shown below.

share point settings page

Step 5

In the settings page select “Delete this list” under the “Permissions and Management” category.

Delete this list in share point

Step 6

When you click on “Delete this list”, you will get confirmation pop-up to delete the list as shown below

confirmation pop up page in sharepoint

Step 7

Then click “OK” to delete the list from the site.

deletepage in sharepoint

Finally the list will be deleted from your site.


In this article we explored how to delete the list from site in SharePoint online.