Delete a Site Collection in SharePoint 2013

In this article I would like to share the procedure to delete a site collection using Central Administration in a SharePoint 2013 web application.
 Procedure to delete a site collection

 Use the following procedure to delete a site collection.
 Step 1: Go to Central Administration using a Farm Administrator account as shown below.

central administration

 Step 2: In Central Administration, click "System Settings" from the left navigation. Then you will be navigated to the system settings page.
system settings 
 Step 3: On the system settings page, in the “Site Collection” section select the “Delete a site collection” option as shown below
Delete a site collection 
 Step 4: Then select the “change site collection” option from the delete site collection page.
change site collection 
 Step 5: Then you will get a dialog box to change the web application as shown below.
dialog box 
 Step 6: On the dialog box select “change web application” from the drop down to change the different web application as you want.
change web application 
 Step 7: Then the Select Web Application dialog box is shown as below.
web application from dialog box 
 Step 8: In web application dialog box, you can choose the site collection as you want.
 web application dialog box
 Step 9: Then select a site collection from the web application dialog box and then give “Ok”
 Step 10: After clicking “Ok” you will get the selected site collection in the Delete Site Collection page as shown below. Then click on the delete button to delete a site collection.
selected site collection on Delete site collection 
 Step 11: Then you will get the confirmation message as shown below and click “OK” to delete a site collection.
delete a site collection 
 Finally the selected site collection will be deleted from your web application.

 In this article we have explored how to delete a site collection using Central Administration in SharePoint 2013.