Get Back Windows 7 Classic Games in Windows 8


Windows 8 was released with major changes in the UI and introduces the new Start Screen that displays the applications in the form of tiles.
But, one big change in Windows 8 is that there is no longer the classic Windows 7 games such as Cards, Solitaire, and others and there is not a start menu where we can get these. But, that doesn't mean you can't get them back.
Here I will show you how to restore the classic games that exist in Windows 7 but not in Windows 8. You need to use some steps to do this.
Here are the steps to be followed.
Step 1
First, you need to copy all the games to some removable drives such as Pen Drive.
So, navigate to "C:\Program Files\" and copy the Microsoft Games folder from there into the removable drive or disk.
Step 2
Now, go down to the "C:\Windows\System32\" location on your Windows 7 and copy the .dll files of the games as well.
Step 3
Now go to the Windows 8 system and navigate to the location at "C:\Program Files\" and paste the Microsoft Games folder into it.
Step 4
Paste all the .dll files in the Microsoft Games folder.
Now, your work is done.
These .dlls encounter the problem of versioning. Therefore you need to perform patch out these properly.
You are then able to enjoy the Windows 7 classic games in Windows 8 too.


In this article, we learned about Getting Back Windows 7 Classic Games in Windows 8.