Giving Name of Apps Group on Start Screen in Windows 8

The Windows 8 Start Screen contains applications in tile form. This includes pre-installed applications and user-created applications. Often we use a folder to store the same type of file under a single name. But in Windows 8 it is not possible to create a folder on the Start Screen. We cannot group related applications on the Start Screen. Microsoft however has provided a way to group our related applications.

Today we are learn how to group our installed and created applications in the Windows 8 Start Screen, so that it is easy to categorize various installed apllication in the system. The Start Screen tiles can be arranged in groups, so you can collect related tiles — Office applications, perhaps, or games together and customize the look of the entire screen.

To group applications in the Windows 8 Start Screen you need to use these steps:

Step 1:

  • Open the Windows 8 through VM Player.
  • If you are on the desktop screen, then press the Windows Key to jump to the Start Screen.

Step 2: Arrannge the tiles that you want to group together. You can arrange the tiles on the Start Screen using the drag and drop method wherever you want.


Step 3: We can use the semantic zoom feature to see all of the tiles and groups at once. Move the mouse to the bottom of the right-hand corner; you will see a small icon; click on it.


Step 4: We can also change the location of a group; simply grab the group with your mouse or by touch and drag it to a new location.


Step 5: The application will be displayed by the groups. From there you can easily select the group of applications from the Start Screen. Right-click on the group of applications that you want to give a new name to.


Step 6: An app bar is opened at the bottom of the screen name as "Name group"; click on it.


Step 7: A popup is opened; enter the new name for the group. Then click on the "Name" button:


Step 8: Click anywhere on the screen to go back to the Start Screen; you will see that your applications group has been named: