Solution - An Unhandled Exception Occurred in Silverlight Application in SharePoint 2010

While working with SharePoint sites, we have very often created Document Libraries and Lists using the "More Options" feature present in the "Site Actions" menu on the top left. While working on one of my SharePoint sites today, I suddenly began encountering some weird issues. The site did not allow me to create any new items in one of my sub-sites and instead the error message "An unhandled exception occurred in Silverlight Application" appeared, as in the following screenshot:


I rebooted by PC, cleared the cache, cookies and other things but all in vain. I remember creating a new library a few months back and had not touched it since then. I fiddled around in the Central Admin and the following is the solution to the problem.

  • Go to Central Administration, as in:

  • Go to "Application Management" > "Manage Web Application", as in:

  • Select the SharePoint Site Collection where you are encountering the issue and click General Settings on the ribbon, as in:

  • Set the Web Page Security Validation to "On" and save the changes, as in:

  • Refresh the SharePoint site page and try adding one now.

Hope you like this article. Cheers!

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