Bing Developer Assistant

In fact, Bing Developer Assistant is actually a combination of two other Visual Studio extensions: Sample Browser and Bing Code Search. This extension provides the following two capabilities:

  • Sample Browser
  • Bing code search

The advantage is you can use millions of code snippets and code sample projects within your favorite editor, Visual Studio. The tool, that is available for both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013, helps developers find code snippets and samples directly from within the IDE.

How to install it

  • Go to Tools > Extensions and updates.

  • Search for Bing Developer Assistant.

  • Install and restart Visual Studio. After installation is completed it'll start appearing in Visual Studio.

Features in this extension

  • New Visual Studio IntelliSense experience:

    You can take advantage of code samples, as in the following:

  • Sample Browser

    In the toolbar you'll find all the samples.

    Click that and it'll show you code snippets, it can search the online network.

  • Offline search

    You can configure Visual Studio to index your local sample folders in Tools / Options. This allows the user to search in offline mode as well.

You can also download code and it'll be stored at the above location in your code snippet repository.

Enjoy coding!!!

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