C# Corner Delhi Developer’s Day Official Recap: 28 June, 2014

C# Corner is always in a continuous meet to find new ways to use technology at its best by helping you to become a better developer. C# Corner, on 28th June 2014, has again hosted a chapter meet, "Delhi Developer's Day" for those who seek to learn and interact with fellow developers and experts.

Agenda of the Developer's Day:

C# Corner Delhi Developer's Day Chapter Meet was held at the new office of C# Corner, inaugurated on the First June 2014. So, it has certainly pumped the energy into all of us. To boost the spirit of the members, C# Corner gave a colorful split of newly designed Red and Blue T-shirts.

Mr. Dinesh Beniwal: Content Manager, outside new office of C# Corner

C# Corner T-Shirt new combo

"Communication breaks barriers": An interaction before session

The event started splendidly with Rahat Khanna who started the session with the introduction to PhoneGap. This session was indeed enough to anticipate, bind and to develop the interest of the participants.

It was then followed by discussing MongoDB in ASP.NET by Sunny Kumar that gave the participants some valuable information and facts that will benefit them in their professional career.

Unlike the last chapter meet, this session became a little different with the presence of Mr. Mahesh Chand, the founder of C# Corner who came all the way from the US to deliver his experience and story. During the session, he shared some secrets of cracking an interview. Also he was enthusiast to discuss some points that would help an aspiring developer to tailor his skills and career.

For a greater participation, the gathering was followed by a Q&A session to foster, teach and demonstrate the knowledge on the topic. Mr. Mahesh Chand, Founder with Mr. Pinal Dave, Founder of SQL Authority and Industry speaker helped the participants to solve their queries to make it a free flow of information.

Mr. Mahesh Chand, Founder C# Corner and Mr. Pinal Dave, Founder of SQL Authority, while solving queries.
The next session was held by Mr. Brij Mishra who explained the particulars on Angular JavaScript. It was surprisingly good to see the audience enjoying the last session with the same zeal as they did in the first.
In this full day event, the attendees witnessed some engaging sessions on PhoneGap, AngularJS, MongoDB and Services for Apps. Mr. Dhananjay Kumar, the Program Manager, successfully succeeded in binding the interest of the participants with his experience and fetching communication. To break the flatness of the event, lunch was hosted by the team that again helped them to exchange, learn and interact better.


It was also a great opportunity to see the three living legends together, Mr. Pinal Dave, Founder of SQL Authority and Industry speaker, Mr. Mahesh Chand, Founder of C# Corner and Mr. Dhananjay Kumar, Program Manager for C# Corner, who are pioneers in their respective fields and skills.

This event was also an achievement for Mr. Sourabh Soumani who was been awarded by Mr. Mahesh Chand as "Most Valuable Professional" for his services towards C# Corner.

The long day ended up in a different mood when the C# Corner team members along with Mr. Pinal Dave enjoyed an evening amidst good ambience and good food.

It is now time to look forward to the C# Corner Annual Conference that is to be held in Oct'14 that again ensures to mark another level of learning and success.

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