Make Ellipse Into Button Control In UWP

Here are the steps: 

Step 1: First of all create new universal windows project in Visual Studio 2015 and name it whatever you want.

Step 2: 

The next thing we'll do is just right click on your project or simply right click on your xaml page that you want to edit and select the option Design in Blend.

Step 3: 
Now your XAML page is successfully displaying in Blend. Don't take Blend as a light tool. Blend is very powerful tool for designing purposes.

Step 4: 

In the XAML window you can see a pane on the right hand side. Suppose you want to add some ellipse in your application. Now what you'll need? Simply right click on Rectangle and change option rectangle to ellipse. Now simply drag drop your ellipse into your XAML page.

Step 5:

The next thing we'll do is to design our ellipse. You just select your ellipse and blend open this ellipse properties on the right hand side. You've to select Fill property and choose color according to your own desire. Same is the case with Stroke property. After this you select StrokeThickness property and give it a number 20. Now your powerful ellipse design is created successfully.

Step 6:

Notice that this ellipse is not a button yet. Suppose if you want to make your ellipse a button then you simply go to the

Tools--Make into Control and choose a button, name it whatever you want and simply click Ok. This process makes your ellipse a button.

Step 7:

If you want to change the content of your button then simply click on your button default content that is Button and Blend open it's properties. You have to go to the properties and change the Content property from Button to whatever you want.

Step 8:

Now save your project and if you want to open your project in visual studio then go to visual studio and you'll notice a dialog box opens up. You simply select 'Yes To All' option. After this whatever changes you made in blend will be automatically added in Visual Studio.