A prototype of mobile SFA and CRM software solutions

A new flagship of Resco's product line Enterprise Solution Prototypes (ESP) brings revolutionary features and is specifically designed for SFA and CRM solutions

How would you pursue the customers that the application that you are developing will be exactly according to their desires and graphically attractive enough? The answer is simple: show it to them before you even start the development process. How? Imagine you have a demo of business prototype with immense customization opportunities available for demonstration. Resco is now showcasing the Resco MobileBusiness ESP with C# source code and demo included.

Resco MobileBusiness ESP is a prototype from a new product line called Enterprise Solution Prototypes that is targeting developers and integrators working on business applications, especially focused on mobile SFA and CRM solutions. The prototype is primarily aimed at sales people working off-site.

The main goal of Resco MobileBusiness ESP is providing developers with high quality product that saves developing time, abounds in rich functionality and reaches the graphic attractiveness of iPhone or Android supported devices.

The whole application can be operated by a finger - it is fully finger-touch supported, the action buttons are in a comfort reach of a thumb and logically arranged on the screen, thus they are creating a well organized, and optically balanced screen.


Resco MobileBusiness ESP was developed with regard to mobile environment limitations. It consists of six modules: Today, Tour Plan, Customers, Contacts, Orders, and Products.

Today Module

The Today module presents all appointments and orders for current day. Each can be easily edited or updated.


Tour Plan Module

The Tour Plan module enables to create new business or private appointments that are consequently stored in the calendar.

MB-TourPlan.png MB-TourPlan2.png MB-TourPlan3.png

Customers Module

The Customers module is a list of all customers assorted by alphabetical order. After a single finger tap on the customer, the customer row is expanded and multiple action buttons are displayed. There are three buttons: Call that enables making a direct call, E-mail button that enables writing an e-mail, and More button that switches to a new screen dealing with all customer's details. It consists of four tabs: Basic Info, Contacts, Orders, and Visits.

MB-Customers.png MB-Customers1.png MB-Customers2.png MB-Customers3.png

Contacts Module

The Contacts module disposes of all contacts loaded from the device's phone book. The contact can be searched by scrolling or by Search option. After a single finger tap on a particular contact the row is expanded and four action buttons are displayed: make a Call, write an E-mail, Delete the contact, and More. The More button gives opportunity to edit name, address, E-mail address, web address and phone number.


Orders Module

The Orders module displays all orders for a defined time period. The time period can be set in the upper part of the screen. A new order can be added as well. The New Order form consists of four tabs: Details, Products, Notes, and Signature. All information about the order, e.g. shipping date, shipping method, shipping address can be set in the Details tab. In the Products tab there is the option to add desired products and set their volume. The Notes tab gives opportunity to add notes. The Signature tab enables order confirmation by electronic signature.

MB-Orders.png MB-Orders1.png MB-Orders2.png MB-Orders3.png

Products Module

The Products module displays all available products that are uploaded from the database. The products can be either sorted by categories or name/code filter, or searched directly through the search option


Pocket Outlook Integration

Very effectual and time-saving feature of Resco MobileBusiness ESP is Pocket Outlook data such as Contacts and Calendar integration into the application's user interface (UI). Moreover, it eliminates the necessity of switching between two or more applications because both, business and private details are manageable in a single form.


The solution is being provided as the Microsoft Visual Studio project with thoroughly commented C# Source Code. Thus, it is very simple to customize the final application according to the specific needs of particular customer.

Back-Office Integration

The mobile application developed by Resco MobileBusiness ESP can be interconnected with Microsoft SQL Server3.5. There are multiple options for back-office integration: Web services, SQL Server merge replication, Microsoft Sync Framework, or 3rd party's sync providers.

About Resco MobileBusiness ESP

Resco MobileBusiness ESP is the enterprise solution prototype especially designed for development of SFA and CRM solutions. The finger touch control support, attractive UI, thoroughly commented C# Source Code, simple customization, and easy back-office integration - to mention the most significant features. For more information about Resco MobileBusiness ESP, visit http://www.resco.net/developer/mobilebusiness/overview.aspx.

The demo version is ready for download here http://www.resco.net/developer/mobilebusiness/download_demo.aspx.


About Resco

Resco is a developer of wide range of mobile software products for Windows Mobile. Besides top selling end-user mobile applications, Resco offers powerful developer controls and tools as well as mobile business solutions.

For more information, visit http://www.resco.net/developer/default.aspx.