Developing a Tablet Application for Sales Force

Mobile access to data is becoming part of our lives. Not only in personal sphere, but especially in variety of industries can be seen a growing demand for mobile data access. People use laptops, smartphones and pocket PCs and the market is opening for tablets more than ever before. Let's find out what developers might use when developing tablet applications.

Tablet solution that fits into multiple scenarios

Resco comes with a renewed solution, namely MobileBusiness ESP2010 Volume 2, which offers a tablet client application on top of the previous version: mobile and web client. It is a prototype designed for development of Sales Force Automation solutions both on mobile devices as well as touch screen computers - tablets.

The solution is built on .NET framework and provided as a Visual Studio project. The complete solution consists of the following parts:

  • Mobile Client Application - .NET CF application provides modern UI and high performance;
  • Tablet Application - .NET application runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 tablets;
  • Web Service - handles data synchronization between Client and Server databases;
  • Web Client - ASP .NET application providing UI under Server data.

All four parts of the solution come with C# source code. That gives developer a unique opportunity to modify and customize the applications. Furthermore, mobile and tablet apps are built with controls from Resco MobileForms Toolkit - a set of components for mobile apps development.

The mobile as well as tablet applications present modern, progressive GUI. Both are finger touch optimized - include large buttons and easily accessible input fields.

MobileBusiness_1.png  MobileBusiness_2.png

The mobile application uses MS SQL Server Compact Edition. The back-office integration is implemented by Web Service, which synchronizes the local database against a remote SQL Server.

MobileBusiness_3.png  MobileBusiness_4.png

Tablet application runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 computers. It is also a Visual Studio project based on .NET technology.

The solution targets developers who are able to do the customization and modification of the default applications.

Brand it and ship it with no restrictions

The biggest advantage of the solution is the licensing policy. It allows the customer to put own logo and own brand on the final, customized app. Moreover, the final app can be distributed to any number of devices royalty free - with no additional costs.

Customization in a few clicks

The customization of the default applications is very simple. The Resco MobileBusiness ESP is shipped along with Resco MobileForms Toolkit. This Toolkit includes controls and designers for mobile and tablet applications development.

For demonstration purposes, here is a short video showing how to modify a form in the tablet app:

The idea of the video is to present how to make a relatively simple change in the project with the help of Resco tools. We will change the field Delivery Date of an Order (which represents a date before this Order has to be delivered), to Company Name, which indentifies the company who made the Order. The Company Names are stored in a local database in a different table than the Orders. All actions are performed in Visual Studio and as you can see, there is no need to write a code. The piece of code was generated automatically by Resco tool. The developer only made a few clicks and property changes in Visual Studio. All in all, this modification took only 3 minutes. It is so fast and easy because we have used Resco designers and tools that significantly contribute to rapid customization.


The trend in software development is to work smart and fast - minimize development time. Resco strives to provide customers with products that are in accord with the above. Resco MobileBusiness ESP meets these requirements. This solution comes with C# source code, plus the favorable licensing policy with royalty free distribution proves its wide usability.

About Resco MobileBusiness ESP 2010

Resco MobileBusiness ESP is the enterprise solution prototype especially designed for development of SFA and CRM solutions on both mobile and tablet platforms. The finger touch control support, attractive UI, thoroughly commented C# Source Code, simple customization, and easy back-office integration - to mention the most significant features, make it a powerful and widely useable solution.

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