Developing Websites using Themes (Introduction): Part 1

This is my series of articles on Theme based web developments and in this article part we will discuss the introductory part of Themes based web developments.



Theme enables us to apply a consistent style to the ASP.Net pages or say in website. We can use a Theme to control the appearance of both the HTML elements and ASP.NET controls that appear in a page. Themes are very different than Master Pages. A Master Page enables us to share same content across multiple pages in website whereas a Theme enables us to control the appearance of the content in website.


How to create Themes

If we want to create Theme then we have to add a new folder in our application named App_Themes. If we add another folder in App_Themes folder will represent a different Theme. One thing always remembers that we add App_Themes folder in root of application not any where else. If App_Themes folder does not exist then, we can create a new Theme folder by right-clicking the name of your project in the Solution Explorer window and selecting Add ASP.NET Folder, Theme. A Theme folder can contain a variety of different types of files, including images and text files. We also can organize the contents of a Theme folder by adding multiple subfolders to a Theme folder.

Most important types of files in a Theme folder are the following:

  • SkinFiles
  • CascadingStyle Sheet Files

Note: Please learn next part for coding.