Setup WordPress On Your Windows 10


You must have XAMPP Install, Apache and MySQL up and running on your Windows 10. Also, you should have a Microsoft Web Matrix setup on your PC.
Now open Microsoft Web Matrix 3, go to New, then App Gallery and select WordPress Template.
Give the name of your project and click on 'Next'.
It will directly download the WordPress setup from the site. Click on the 'I Accept' button. 
You can configure and set the security key on the next screen.
Complete the setup process.
Note down the Database name, Username, and Password for further use.
Now, configure the language from the option. I have selected 'Hindi' Language for setup and configuration.
Enter your site name, Username, and Password for the admin (backend).
That's It, now run the backend, enter Username and Password.
It will redirect to the admin backend from where you can manage your site's blog and contents.
Run the frontend and check all stuff works properly or not.
That's it! Now write your blog, article and manage your first WordPress website. I hope you liked the simple and easy steps to set up the WordPress website on Windows 10.


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