Use Google Webmaster in WordPress Website

First create your website using WordPress then for your design work you can use Google Webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster tools help your website find user searches on Google depending on your website content. It is used to add an index of your website in the Google web listing and maximize your SEO.

Now open this web link.

You can add Google Webmaster in one of the following two ways:

  1. Manually
  2. Plugins

1. Manually


Now sign in with your Gmail Account then write your website URL in the input box.

Gmail Account then write your website url

Click on Add Property.

Add Property

A. Recommended Method

The recommended method is to download a HTML file and upload it into the root directory of the website.

upload into root directory

After uploading the file click on the verify button in the webmaster page.

B. Alternate Method

Google Webmaster provides four type alternate methods but you can easily use the HTML tag method. Other methods are mainly another field of Website Domain. So always use the standard method or HTML tag method.

So choose HTML tag Method.

html tag

Copy this meta tag and open your website <head> tag in the header.php file.

meta tag

Save this file and click on the verify button on the Google Webmaster page.

You got successfully verified the page as in the following:

search console

Now click on Continue and you will then see a Search Console page. Here you can check your website search appearance and the traffic and indexing of your website.

Now we move to the second method for using the Google Webmaster tools without any uploading HTML page and Meta Tag.

2. Plugins

This way you can use in only WordPress Plugins.

First open the page http://< main website url >/wp-admin/plugin-install.php in wordpress

Search Google Webmaster Tool. Many result will be shown on the screen. Install any plugin that provides the best user interface for your user. I will Install the first Plugin, “Verify Google Webmaster Tools” and activate it.

Verify Google Webmaster Tools

To open the link go to Setting => Google Webmaster Tools and paste your meta tag into the textarea. Now click on Save Changes so you can verify from the Google Webmaster page and use the Google Webmaster facility from the webmaster page. Some other WordPress plugins provide more functionality then the Webmaster.


Google Webmaster Tools

I hope this article will help you for your website searching using Google Webmaster.