First Look at Access 2013

Microsoft has launched a new version of Microsoft Office that is Microsoft Office 2013 also known as Office 2013, which is the successor to Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft released the preview of Office 2013 on July 16, 2012. In this Microsoft added many new advanced features and applications. When we open the Microsoft Access 2013, the new look is:


This is a new template that displays when we open Microsoft Office 2013. When the new Access is opened for the first time, the user will see a new flash screen that displays a series of many new templates. The user can use any of these templates as they need. We can also choose a blank template for creating a blank database. The user can also search for a new template online and apply it to the Access file.


We can search online for the new template by entering the text in the search textbox that is placed at the top of the template that opens when we open Access 2013. There are also many links provided for which we can search with. Suppose if I click on the contact than all the templates related to the contact, nearly about thousand templates, can be searched for online and then displayed, like:


In this I search the Employee templatea then the number of templates will be opened like:


Then we select any of this templates and use it.

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