Generate XML File Using Access 2013


Sometimes an Access database must be read in XML Format. To do this use the following steps.

Step 1

Open Access 2013 and click on Blank database and then give the name of the database. Here the name of the database is "XmlReader".


Step 2

Now add some data to the database as:


Step 3

Now save this database and give a name for the table that you want to give. Here I use EmployeeDetails as the table name.


Step 4

Now go to the External Data and select the XML file as in:


Step 5

The Export XML file window is opened which asks for the name of the XML file that we want. Click ok without changing anything, this will create the XML file with the name the same as your table name, that is EmployeeDetails in this example.


Step 6

Now the Export XML window is opened that asks for the file that you want to create; the options are XML, XSD (that is the Schema of the XML) and XSL (presentation of the data). We can create all of them at the same time by clicking on each and every checkbox but in this example I only select the XML checkbox to create only the XML file; see:


Step 7
Now go to the location where your XML file is saved; the path that displays when you click on the XML file from the external data. In this the path is C:\Users\Richa\Documents. Here the file id created is named EmployeeDetails; open it in Notepad. It will look like:


In this way we can convert the Access database to the XML format.


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