Install ZendFramework in Windows


In this article I explain how to easily set up the Zend Framework in Windows and a Wamp Server and here is the procedure for easily installing Zend and how to use the Zend Framework.

Step 1

Download ZendFrame_work from And put it into wamp/www root, if you want to then you can rename it.


Step 2

After the compilation of Step 1, open the php.ini file and set the include path as your zendframe_work library path.


include-path (1).gif
Step 3

Create your test app (Zend project). Open a cmmand prompt and then go to the "zendframe_work" bin path, where zf.exe exists, then run the image command "zf".


After the running this command create the Zend Framework project.


Step 4

After doing Step 4, include the  "conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf" file and write the following lines into your "httpd.config" file:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /wamp/www

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName zendy.localhost
DocumentRoot /wamp/www/Zendy/public
SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV "development" 
# (if needed:)
# <Directory /wamp/www/Zendy/public>
# DirectoryIndex index.php
# AllowOverride All
# Order allow,deny
# Allow from all
# </Directory>


Step 5

Then go to "C:" -> "windows" -> "system32" -> "drivers" -> "etc" -> "temphost", then change it as in:


Step 6

Now you will see that your project has been added in your localhost root.


Step 7

Now run it:

http://localhost:9080/zend_framework/bin/zendy/public, then the output will look like: