Create Server Authentication Certificate For Active Directory Federation Services


In one of my previous articles you learned How to Install the Active Directory federation Services on Windows Server 2012. This article is a continuation of that article.

This article explains how to create a Server Authentication Certificate for the Active Directory Federation Services.

Step 1

First of all click on the Start Menu and from there open the Administrative Tools.

certificate 1.jpg

Step 2

Now in the Administrative Tools a list of options will be available, among these options click on "IIS Manager" to open it.

certificate 2.jpg

Step 3

Now your IIS Manager Wizard will open, here on the right hand side is the Connections Pane, click on the server name.

certificate 3.jpg

Step 4

Now in the Center Pane an option will be available named Server Certificates, double-click on it to open it.

certificate 4.jpg

Step 5

Now on the next page on the right hand side an Action page will be available, under which is a list of options, among these options click on the "Create Self Signed Certificates".

certificate 5.jpg

Step 6

Now provide the name for this certificate "adfs" and then click on the "Ok" button.

certificate 6.jpg

Now you will see that a certificate named "adfs" is available under the Server Certificates.

certificate 7.jpg

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