Create Virtual Machine Using a Machine Which Was Already Existing


In one of my articles I explained How to Create a New Virtual Machine in Windows Server 2012.

It might be possible that you have already created a Virtual Machine and you again want to create another Virtual Machine. In that case you can use the previous one for creating the new one; if you create a Virtual Machine in this manner then the new machine will inherit all the specifications of the previous one and you don't need to configure it again.

In this article I will explain how to create a Virtual Machine using a machine that was previously created.

Step 1

First of all open the Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.


Now in the Administrative Tools one option will be "Hyper-V Manager", open this option.


Step 2

Now a new window will be opened that will look like this:


Right-click on your Computer Name and choose to "Create a New Virtual Machine".


Step 3

Now the New Virtual Machine Wizard will be opened where, first some information about the Virtual Machine is to be provided, here click on the "Next" Button.


On the next page you need to provide a name for the new Virtual Machine.

In Windows Server 2012, Virtual Machine names are saved with the extension .VHDX whereas in Windows Server 2008 they were saved with an extension of .VHD.

By default it will provide you space on the C Drive but it's not recommended to store this file on the C drive since it might negatively affect performance on this drive. So save this on another drive if possible.


Step 4

On the next page you need to provide the space for the RAM of the Virtual Machine.


On the next page you can configure the Network Adapter by clicking on the drop down button present in front of the Connection and selecting the option available or it will remain Disconnected.


Step 5

The next page will ask you either to create a new Virtual Machine or to use the existing one, since you know that in this article we are using an existing one so we will click on the second option.


On the next page, a Full Summary of your selection will be shown to you, click on the "Finish" button to create a new Virtual Machine.


Now your new Virtual Machine will be created but until now it's Status will be OFF, for making it On or Running State right-click on this machine and choose to Connect.