Deploy MVC Website on IIS and Then Monitor It


In today's article, you will learn how to deploy a MVC Website onto IIS and then monitor it.

Step 1

First of all you need to run your Visual Studio as Administrator otherwise your Website will not be deployed to IIS.

monitor request11.jpg

Now open your MVC Application.

In the Solution Explorer right-click on the project choose to "Publish" this Website.

monitor request1.jpg

Step 2

Now the Publish Website Wizard will be opened, here click on the Drop Down button and click on "New Profile".

monitor request2.jpg

Now you need to provide the Name for this New Profile.

monitor request3.jpg

Step 3

After providing the name click on the Next Button, this will take you to the Connection Page.

On the Connection Page provide the Server and Site Name and then click on the Validate Connection.

monitor request4.jpg

Then click on the "Next" button again. This will take you to the Settings Page, here simply click on the "Next" button.

monitor request5.jpg

Step 4

In the next page first click on the "Preview" button then click on the "Publish" button, this will publish your website.

monitor request6.jpg

If your website is successfully published then you will get the Output Results like this:

monitor request7.jpg

Step 5

Now open your IIS Manager, in the IIS Manager you will find an option named Worker Processes under the IIS, double-click on this button.

monitor request8.jpg

In the Worker Process you will find the Profile name of your Website in running condition. Select your Website's Profile name and click on the "View Current request" under the Action Pane.

monitor request9.jpg

Now this will show you the Request for this Worker Process, but right now my worker process doesn't have any request so it's showing the request=0.

monitor request10.jpg

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