How to Add a Network Scanner to the Scan Server


In my previous article I explained How you can Add a Network Printer to the Printer Server.

In this article you will learn how to add a Network Scanner to the Scan Server.

Step 1

First of all you need to open the "Administrative Tools" from the Start Menu.

scan management1.jpg

Now your Administrative Tools Wizard will be opened, here an option will be available that will be named "Scan Sever", double-click on this option to open it.

scan management2.jpg

Step 2

Now your Scan Management Wizard will be opened, here on the Left Pane the Console Root will be available, under that is Scan Management. On the right hand side is an Action Pane.

scan management3.jpg

Expand the Scan Management, under this there are many options, like Managed Scanner, Scan Processes, Scan Server etcetera.

scan management4.jpg

Step 3

Now right-click on the Scan Server and choose "Add a Scan Server".

scan management5.jpg

Now the Manage a Scan Server Wizard will be opened. Here first nothing will be shown in the Scanner List.

scan management6.jpg

Step 4

Now provide the IP Address, Host Name or URL of the Scanner that you want to add, if you want more then one scanner to be added then provide the specifications after inserting the comma.

scan management7.jpg

Then click on "Add" and then click the "Ok" button.