How to Add a New Namespace to the DFS


In my previous article you learned How to Install the DFS on Windows Server 2012.

In this article you will learn how to add a new namespace to the DFS.

Step 1

First open the "Administrative Tools" from the Start Menu.

replication 1.jpg

Now your system's Admin Tools will be opened in which you will find an option named "DFS Management". This option will only appear if you have already installed the DFS, otherwise it will not be available in the Admin Tools.

namespace 1.jpg

Step 2

Now the DFS Management Wizard will be opened. In this wizard an option will be available on the left hand side named "Namespaces".

namespace 2.jpg

Right-click on this Namespaces and choose to "Add New Namespace".

namespace 9.jpg

Step 3

Now you need to provide the server for this namespace, you can click on the "Browse" button to find the server and then add it.

namespace 3.jpg

Now you need to provide the Name for this namespace. You can also change the settings of this namespace. To do that you need to click on "Edit Settings".

namespace 4.jpg

Step 4

Through the Settings Wizard you can change the name of the shared folder, server or path for a shared folder and can grant various permissions as well.

namespace 5.jpg

After making the changes in the settings click on "Ok" button and click on "Next".

On the next page you need to select the the Type of the namespace that can be either Domain Based Namespace or Stand-alone Namespace.

namespace 6.jpg

Step 5

Now complete a summary of your selection process that will be provided and if you click on the "Create" button then a new namespace will be created.

namespace 7.jpg

You will see a namespace created successfully.

namespace 8.jpg

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