How to Add an Alias (CNAME) Resource Record to a Zone


In this article you will learn how to add an Alias (CNAME) Resource Record to a Zone.

Before going through this article make sure that DNS is installed on your system, otherwise you will not be able to change the Zone Type, in fact in that case Zone will also be not available to you.

Step 1

First of all open the Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.

record 1.jpg

Now in the Administrative Tools many options will be available and one of them will be named DNS; double-click on this option to open it.

record 2.jpg

Step 2

Now the DNS Manager Wizard will be opened, here on the left hand side DNS Server will be available.

record 3.jpg

Expand the Server name under the DNS.

record 4.jpg

Step 3

Under the Server Name two Zones will be available, one will be Forward Lookup Zone and the second will be Backward Lookup Zone. Expand the Zone on which you want to work.

record 5.jpg

Now you will see that a few Zones are available under this Forward Lookup Zone (these will be only be available if you had added them previously), expand these Zones too.

record 6.jpg

Step 4

Now right-click on the Zone and click on New Alias (CNAME).

alias 1.jpg

Now the New Resource Record Wizard will be opened, here first provide the Alias Name, if you left this Alias Name as blank then it will use the Parent Domain as the Alias Name.

alias 2.jpg

Step 5

After providing the Alias Name click on the Browse button to provide the FQDN for the Target Host.

In the Browse Wizard Browse to the FQDN and click on the "Ok" button.

alias 3.jpg

In the New Resource Record Wizard one option will be available that will ask you whether you want to allow the authenticated user to update the DNS record, you can click on this check box as marked or you can leave it as unmarked. After this again click on the "Ok" button.

alias 2.jpg